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Waxing & Threading


Full leg £25
Half leg £19
3/4 leg £20
Bikini (basic) from £10
Forearms £11
Underarms £12
Eyebrows £10
Lip or chin £6
Fingers or toes £5


Outside panty area only
Basic manicure followed by exfoliation, luxurious hand treatment with thermal mittsNot as dramatic as brazilian but more than a basic.
A vertical strip or otherwise known as a landing strip.
Removes all hair leaving only a neat thin pencil line.
Everything is removed.
Butt cheek only
Butt crack wax only.
Take a gamble on a brazilian wax with a vagazzle, followed by bikini dye to slot into your handbag. Viva Las Vegas!

About Our Wax

The latest thing in strip-free waxing – a fast drying hypoallergenic wax containing a blend of three indigenous Australian plums for ultra-sensitive skins.

Its low melting point, pliability, ease of application and exceptional client comfort takes waxing to the next level with its incredible adhesive properties and virtually no skin pull.

Outback Opal removes the shortest and most stubborn of hairs comfortably.

Exceptional fluidity means Opal Wax applies smoothly and thinly, with none of the ‘strings’ or tackiness common with natural resin waxes.

It is essential to prepare the skin correctly before any waxing treatment to get the best results . This will ensure the hair is released from the follicle and prevents any breakage, early regrowth and ingrown hairs giving your clients a satisfying long-lasting wax.


It all starts with exfoliation; however, this isn’t the only answer for helping to release the hair from the follicle as some therapists may think. Although it is an essential step in prepping the skin pre wax, some exfoliators are too harsh and can irritate the area.

Be sure to use a gentle exfoliator, ideally one that has biodegradable jojoba micro beads which are a natural, effective exfoliant that doesn’t scratch or irritate the skin.

The Outback Organics Face & Body Scrub is a gentle, non-abrasive body scrub which has deeply nourishing Because the Outback scrub is so gentle and doesn’t break or scratch the skin, this is perfectly fine to do.

Also available to buy in the salon


Whilst cleansing and sanitising the skin pre wax, it is very important to really massage and work the product into the skin to hydrate and soften the area.

This ensures you are loosening the hair from the follicle, hydrating the area, and last but not least, cleaning and sanitising the skin in preparation for the treatment.

When choosing your sanitiser make sure you choose an alcohol-free product. Products which contain alcohol dry and strip the skin of its natural hydration, so stay clear if possible.

Our Gel Cleanser is a botanically enriched skin sanitiser containing soothing aloe vera, cucumber, rosehip and Australian bush mint, plus additional conditioning agents to protect the skin. The alcohol-free formula will not sting or dehydrate the skin and the gel texture liquefies to a creamy gel on contact to skin.

Ingrown hair serum (available to buy in salon)

Ingrown hair forms when a haor curls back on itself or grows sideways into the skin. The first sign is small bump, which often grows into a larger spot. And let's be honest - that's an outcome we'd ideally prefer to avoid. here's how.


Lip or chin £6
Sides £10
Full face£30

History While threaing is a relatively new hair removal technique in the western world,it has been used in eastern countries for centuries. Though the exact origins of the technique are unknown, many belive it originated in the middle east and south asia, and then spread to become popular in far eastern countries like china. Professional anti bacterial cotton thread is used to trap a series of unwanted hair and pull them from the skin Advantages


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