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Ear candling

Holistic treatment to help unlock & smooth ear, nose & throat canals. Fantastic treatment for those suffering from tinitus, sore throats, hay fever, headaches, migraines, sinusitis or rhinitis.
30mins £27

History on Hopi Ear CandlingThis is an ancient and natural therapy handed down by many civilisations.it is believed that the ancient greeks used ear candles, initially for cleansing, purfying and healing on a spiritual basis but much later on a purely physical basis. (Hopi means peaceful people) ear candles were used traditionally used by sharman healers.

What are ear candles
The hopi ear candle is a hollow tube formed from cotton flax.

Benefits They may be of benefit for the following conditions

How do Hopi Ear Candles Work The candle is inserted just inside the ear canal.The candle is then lit and the suction that is formed draws impurities from within the ear.This process is known as the chimney effect. The rising air gives the ear drum a gentle massage and also helps to regulate ear pressure.The candle is then removed and the process is repeated on the other ear.you will then recive a lymphatic fracial drainage massage THE NUMBER OF HOPI TREATMENTS THAT MAY BE NEEDED FOR CERTAIN PROBLEMS DEPENDS ON A NUMBER OF FACTORS

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